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Just Right Custom Logo Boots are completely designed to the customers specifications. Using the style of boot you are wanting and your design, we cant create a unique pair of boots just for you or your client.


We start by selecting a style of boot and the color you are looking for and then with your design we can prepare the what the final product will look like. We have the ability to place your design on the fronts and backs of the "uppers". We can also add even a smaller design to the "pull straps".


When the design is finalized and approved, the production begins. We are supplied the leather for the "uppers" and "pull straps" on which we embroider your selections.Once the embroidery is completed, the pieces are sent back to Justin Brands for assembly in their manufacturing facilities. Each pair is hand built to order making them a totally unique pair of boots.


Upon completion of the manufacturing process, the boots are sent back to us for delivery. Please keep in mind that the entire process will take an estimated 6 months to complete due to the processing time involved in each step.


For further information on how you can obtain a pair of custom logo boots, please feel free to Contact Us.

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