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Dickies Europe Timeline

Work wear bearing the distinctive Dickies® logo is worn by workers from almost every industry and in many of the world’s harshest working environments. From agriculture to the oil industry, Dickies® work wear is renowned for its performance, comfort and durability.

The qualities that have made Dickies® a worldwide brand are superbly highlighted in the Dickies® Deluxe Workwear range: coveralls, work pants and jackets that offer function and performance in classic styles. Not surprisingly these garments have proved to be among Dickies® most popular lines, selling in hundreds of thousands each year.

The Early Years

The company has its roots in the small town of Bryan in Texas, where C. N. Williamson and E. E. “Colonel” Dickie began their careers in the “vehicle and harness” business. In 1918 they made what turned out to be a momentous decision when, with a few friends, they established the U.S. Overall Company. Four years later the company was renamed the Williamson-Dickie Manufacturing Company. From these modest beginnings Dickies® has transformed itself into the largest work wear manufacturer in the world.

Having gained a reputation for making hard wearing garments, during World War II the company was sequestered by the American Government to produce millions of uniforms for the armed services.

After successfully completing its war service, Williamson-Dickie experienced further growth. In the late 1950’s the company expanded into the European market and the Middle East, where Texan oilmen introduced Dickies® workwear to Middle Eastern oil fields. Then in 1989 Dickies® (UK) was formed, bringing tough, durable and affordable workwear to the British worker. From its base in Somerset, the brand has continued to develop its range and markets to achieve its current status as the leading workwear manufacturer in the UK.

Cult Status

In the early 1990’s Dickies® Work wear became fashionable with American youth. The rugged styling and performance of Dickies® clothing started to attract the interest of teenage skateboarders, resulting in Dickies® becoming a cult fashion brand. This unexpected but welcome trend spread to Europe, where the popularity of the brand among young people continues today.

Top music acts have also taken advantage of Dickies® unique brand image: Justin Timberlake, Avril Lavigne, TLC, Limp Bizkit, Westlife and Madonna are just a few of the performers who have worn Dickies® clothing on stage.

All Dickies® products carry the distinctive Dickies® logo, a graphic that has had enormous exposure over the years. Dickies® garments have appeared in a large number of Hollywood movies including Herbie: Fully Loaded, Dukes of Hazzard and The Break-up starring Jennifer Aniston. But Dickies® movie career goes back even further still, to the classic film From Here to Eternity starring Frank Sinatra.

Unbeatable Choice

Today the Dickies® catalog carries an extensive range of work wear including coveralls, trousers, shirts, jackets, fleeces and body warmers. Furthermore, a wide selection of high performance products comprising of foul weather protection, high visibility garments and flame retardant work wear is also available.

Specialists in protective footwear, Dickies® produce safety boots and shoes in a variety of traditional and modern styles. Dickies® Safety Footwear is fitted with either steel toe-caps or a composite protective casing that conforms to current European standards, with many products having flexible steel or Kevlar mid-soles to protect the feet from sharp objects underfoot.

All-Round Success

The corporate wear market is another area where Dickies® experience and expertise has proved invaluable. Most organisations require a broad spectrum of garments to meet the different requirements of its workforce; Dickies® are able to fulfill the majority of those requirements. From workshop to front of house and factory floor to shop floor, Dickies® corporate garments have afforded a unique brand identity to numerous commercial operations.

Supplying specially designed work wear to major national and international companies has become an increasingly large part of Dickies® business; clients include Volkswagen, Seat, John Deere, Shell, JCB, Leekes, House of Fraser, Makita and Morrison’s.

With a global network of component suppliers and manufacturers, Dickies® has the capacity to supply large quantities of corporate clothing for a wide range of job functions at very competitive prices.

Moving with the Times

Although Dickies® is proud of its long and illustrious history, it is unmistakably a company of the 21st Century. Not only has Dickies® adopted the latest manufacturing processes and performance materials to improve its product range; they continue to display innovation in work wear design to meet the changing demands of its customers.

Recognizing the growing demand for work wear with a more contemporary styling, Dickies® has responded by adapting modern hiker boots and training shoe designs into regulation safety footwear. Despite these products closely resembling fashionable street wear, there has been no comprise with safety. All the new styles are fitted with either steel toe-caps or a composite casing, both of which meet current European standards.

To compliment this advance in safety footwear design, Dickies® now produces a line of clothing that could easily be mistaken for modern casual wear. The Eisenhower range comprises of jackets, trousers and shirts, designed to provide workwear performance while looking good too.

Dickies® is committed to maintaining its position in the industry by producing hard wearing functional work wear that combines quality and value for money: the philosophy that has seen it become an instantly recognizable brand with a proven reputation.

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